When you’ve lived in a city your whole life as I have, you can sometimes feel challenged to find things you love to do. I have done pretty much everything there is to do in L.A., and one thing remains high on my “love” list. I love going to the Getty museum. Make that museums, because yes, there are two. It started in J. Paul Getty’s mansion in Malibu (technically Pacific Palisades, but we all say Malibu). In 1997 they broke it in half, and put a second location up in the hills of Brentwood. Both locations are spectacular. The first location, or “villa” has breathtaking views of the pacific ocean, while the second “center” location has breathtaking views of the city. Each one has beautiful grounds, picnic areas, shows and events throughout the year, restaurants and gift shops, and of course the amazing art. I can’t decide which one I like better, but visiting each one makes me feel like I’ve taken a little vacation in my home town.  Click on a picture to see me and boyfriend Dale visiting each of the campuses.

xoxo, Ion